Have you always wanted to own one of Capt. Robert Beebe's original designs?

Look at the beautiful Steel Magnolia below.

Right now Steel Magnolia is in the Rio Dolcie in Guatemala and her owner Roy McNett is "thinking about" selling her. Read more below and then contact him on editor@riodulcechisme.com

Here is a description of this great boat in the words of her owner Roy.


 The Steel Maggie is in good shape -- had a bottom job done last year with lots of epoxy primer, 2 coats of coal tar epoxy then three coats of anti-foulant. Also painted the hull and redid all the bright work


I installed those wonderful stainless steel davits you gave me and put a large array of solar panels on top of them. There's a huge 280 watt 36 volt panel for the house bank and four separate 12 volt panels for my new Waeco refrigerator and Engel freezer. I can now sit at anchor for weeks without having to run the CAT engine or the generator. I have a large bank of sealed 190 amp/hour AGM batteries for the house bank wired in series for 36 volts, which has worked out great. For the refrigeration system, I have double bank (six AGM batteries) which can be charged by solar panels, CAT engine or generator. Cold, cold beer (and ice!!)


For a generator, I yanked out that beast antique 20kw Kohler/Perkins unit and replaced it with a sweet 9 kw Cummins-Onan which starts at a push of a button and runs almost silent. It's enough to run two of my 4 a/c units at a time. Can't imagine ever needing to run all four at the same time. All a/c units work fine. The one for the forward berth needs a new a/c duct line, which is an easy fix.


Otherwise, the 175 hp CAT runs great, has been well maintained, never uses any oil, fires right up and has low hours on it. Carrier bearings and cutlass bearing are fine.


Brand new harbour awning installed last month, hydraulic ram cylinder overhauled 8 months ago, added an extra GPS plotter, changed most of the lights to 12 volt LED, and much more.


So, she's ready for a new owner to top up the fuel tanks (1,500 gal total) water tanks (600 gallons) and go cruising. Burns 1 1/2 gal/hour at 7 knots / 1200 rpm -- unbelievable I know for a 50 ton boat thanks to Robert Beebe! Reworked the winches for the flopper stoppers so they're ready to go.


Also, installed a separate forestay for that heavy duty jib we swapped for.. (still haven't figured out how to use it without sailing sideways ..

I'm sure it's operator error!)


I paid $200,000 for the Steel Magnolia 12 years ago. So .. I'll accept a reasonable offer for her but won't be "giving" her away. I'm certainly not desperate to sell (would prefer to draw my last breath on the Steel Maggie than in some VA hospital in Texas !!)


But I promised my family I'd look for a potential buyer. Nope, have not listed her with any brokers.


USCG documented vessel. Built in 1980, Dallas, Texas.


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