I uncovered some information on my Dad's experience with PM Copied below:  (From my father's Chronology:)

     I hope you enjoy it.  Curt Bury

1966:  Knowing his retirement from IBM would come in 1970, he (Roger Bury) started looking for a retirement boat that he could sail in European waters.  Capt. Robert Beebe, USN, had designed a unique motor sailor capable of crossing oceans and also navigating the canals of Europe.  Correspondence with Beebe led to an invitation to help sail "Passagemaker" from Honolulu to Seattle.  This letter was shown to Roger's wife Marion, who settled their future by saying "Why don't we go?".  A 17-day sail followed where they learned to be most impressed by the vessel's capabilities and comforts.  It was equipped with the so-called "flopper-stoppers" or stabilizers developed in the Pacific Northwest. They left Kauai at 0820 on the 12th, arriving Seattle at 12:25 on the 26th. "Passagemaker" was all she was cracked up to be!

 1968:  Roger took delivery of "Passagemaker" with the proviso that Capt. Beebe would sail her to Europe for him in 1969.

 1969:  Roger, Capt. Beebe and the rest of the crew gathered at Norfolk, where Passagemaker was stored, on May 23rd.  Four days later they started down the Inland Waterway to Cape Fear, NC.  The crew consisted of Bob (Pat) Sutton, Capt. Albert Willis and his wife Kitty, Roger, Marion and Capt. Beebe.  They left Cape Fear on May 31st,arriving at St. George's Bermuda on June 4th.  After spending a week doing various mostly minor repairs, and left for the Azores on June 11th.  "Mile after mile, day after day and night after night of gentle seas, blue skies, brilliant stars is about as close to paradise as one could wish" - a tribute to Capt. Beebe's knowledge of winds and currents in the Atlantic and exactly when it is best to cross.  They arrived in Horta, Azores, right on estimated schedule, on June 22nd.  They left on June 25th, headed for Cork, Ireland, arriving at Crosshaven Harbor on July 2nd.  After cruising the Caledonian Canal in Scotland, the North Sea was crossed and then the Gota Canal of Sweden, and finally the boat was left for the winter in Hundested, Denmark. 


1970:  Retirement from IBM May 19th, 1970 (Roger's 65th birthday) came on the same day that the only Trans-Atlantic vessel bound for Denmark sailed. "Passagemaker" was hauled there, having been sailed across the Atlantic the previous summer. This ship sailed with the Burys aboard and a 9-ft. Dyer as part of their luggage.  This preceded a great retirement period of 8 years of summer cruising of European waters, from Norway through Germany, Holland, Belgium and France to the Mediterranean.  Passagemaker was followed by a Wiley 40 ft. cruiser "Off the Wind", and after the Burys moved to Florida, a 40' motor sailor "Seguin" became their last boat.


The 1970 cruise began on June 13th in Hundested, Denmark, and ended in their winter berth at Port P. Canto, Cannes, France, on Sept. 14th.  They lowered the masts at Muiden, Holland, and stepped them again at Port St. Louis, France.  Members of the crew in 1970 were Charles and Barbara Bartlett, Ray and Noni Scheuer, Noni Howard, Curt, Judy, Dave and Betsy, Ken and Ruth Murray, Dick and Ruth Evans, and Yngvar and Inky Hvistendahl.  The first part took them to Tonsberg and Oslo, Norway, with the Bartletts and Yngvar Hvistendahl. finishing on June 27 at Langelinie Harbor in Copenhagen, where the Scheuers came aboard on July 2. Then on to Holland.  Curt, Judy, Dave and Betsy joined them at Muiden, Netherlands on July 24th, cruising the canals to Paris, leaving on Aug. 5th.  Passagemaker tied up at Port Plaisance, Place de la Concorde, at 1330 on Tues. Aug. 4th.  With Evans and Murrays, PM left Paris on Aug. 17th, Lyon Sept. 3rd, where Yngvar & Inky joined them.  They left Lyon on 9/8 arriving at Cannes at 0900 on 9/14, where PM was berthed for the winter.


1971:  The 1971 cruise of Passagemaker tok them from Cannes on May 1st to Piraeus on Oct. 18th.  The route included Cannes - San Remo (5/4 with Wormsers) - Portofino (5/5) - Livorno (7) - Elba (8) - Ile Rousse (9) Calvi (10), Girolata (11), Ajaccio (12), Campo Moro Bay (13)& Bonafacio (Corsica)(14, Wormsers leave) - Capo Coda Cavallo (5/19), Arbatax (20), Cagliari (Sardinia)(21,22) - Malta (5/26 - Suttons arrive June 17) - Porto Pollo (6/20), Syracuse (21) & Riposto (Sicily)(23) - Crotone (25) - Otranto (28) - Brindisi (29 - 7/3) - to and return from Hercegovni (7/4), Bjella (5), Kotor (6), Dubrovnik (7/8-12 - Curt & Dave join), Luka Slano (7/13), Sipan (14), Luka Polaci (15), Luka Korcula (16), Hvar (17), Milna (18), Split (19-20), Sibenik, Skradin (21), Zadar (7/22, Curt leaves on midnight steamer, Dave stays), Cikat (23), Pula (24), Trieste (25),  hauled & painted at Trieste Craglietto Marina), Piran (7/27), and Venice (7/28-30, Twohys arrive) then Piran (8/2) - Brindisi again - Corfu - Paxos - Levkas - Ithaki - Patras - Anemokampi - Sofikou - Piraeus - Kea - Tinos - Ios - Amorgos - Astipala - Rhodes - Bodrum - Leros - Samos - Kusadasi - Ephesus - Mikinos - Delos - Andros - Piraeus.


1972:  Passagemaker cruised to the Greek, Roman and Byzantine ruins of the Eastern Mediterranean and the little known coast of southern Anatolya, thence to the Dardanelles, Istanbul and the Bosphorus, returning to Piraeus via the Northern Aegean and Mt. Athos.  Ports included Athens - Epidaurus - Knossos - Thira - Lindos - Rodos - Mt. Athos (Greece), and Caunus - Tristamos - Myra - Perge - Ephesus - Aspendos - Side - Kinidos - Didyma (Turkey).  "Many a vanished year and age, and tempest's breath, and battles rage, have swept o'er (these seas)"

 - Byron.  The crew list included Ruth & Dick Evans, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. (Piraeus, May 15 - Rodos, June 1);  Noni & Ray Scheuer, Dayton, Ohio (Rodos, June 1 - Rodos, June 23);  Dave (Rodos, July 1 - Piraeus, Aug. 17); Carol & Malcolm O'Connell, Lindos, Greece (Limnos, July 30 - Piraeus, Aug. 12); and Molly, Elizabeth and Bill Shallow, Woodstock, Vt.  (Piraeus, Aug. 19-29).  In September, Rog and Marion tok shore leave to motor through the Alps, thereby getting the first mate out of the galley.    


1973:  Passagemaker continued cruising the Med in '73.  Six weeks in the Northern Aegean - Volos - Skiathos - Koufo - Lesvos - Thassos - Kavala - Samothrace - Lemnos - Khios - Andros - Kea - Piraeus.  In July, after three weeks back home, headed west for the Dalmatian coast - Corinth Canal - Missolonghi - Patras - Ithaca - Parga - Corfu - Brindisi - Kotor - Dubrovnik - Mljet - Korcula - Hvar - Split - Vrboska - then slowly back to Piraeus the end of September.

125 days of great cruising, some 1850 miles of blue sea to 65 ports.  Crew and galley duty shared at various times by   - Betsy and Arthur Chace of Southport, Conn., Sally and Walter Lashar of York, Pa., Allice and Sam Wormser of Rye, N.Y., and Ruth and Dick Evans, Ft.Lauderdale, Fla.  Home until spring then back again to the world's greatest cruising grounds.


1974:  On May 10th, Roger received the Dartmouth Alumni Award from the President of the Dartmouth Alumni Council. During this period he was an Assistant Class Agent, a member of the local executive committee of the Third Century Fund, on the Board of Governors of the Dartmouth Club of western Connecticut and active with the Dartmouth Club of New York. 

Passagemaker cruised the Adriatic, from Piraeus to - Corfu - Kotor - Dubrovnik - Sibenik - Pula - Trieste - Lignano - Venice - and the many islands and harbors in between.  PM spent to following winter in Hannibal, Montfalcone, Italy.


1975:  Passagemaker cruised the Adriatic and Mediterranean   for 114 days, covering 61 ports and 2813 miles.  Starting from Montfalcone, Italy, ports included - Pula, Veli Rat, Luka Telescica, Sibenik, L. Rognize, Hvar, L. Polaci,

Gruz, Dubrovnik & Kotor (Yugoslavia) - Brindisi, Santa Marie Di Leuce, Crotone, Marina Catonzarro, Reggio Calabria, Vibo Valente, Cetrero, S. Marie Di Castellbet, Salerno, Capri, Ischia, Ponza, Anzio, Civitavecchia, Port Ercole, Elba, Livorno, Porto Ferreio (Italy); Calvi,  Giroleta, Ajaccio & Bonafaccio (Corsica); - Asinare (Sardinia); - Port Mahon (Menorca); - Cala San Seura, Porto Cristo & Palma (Majorca); - Portinaitz & San Antonio (Ibiza) - Denia, Valencia, Castellon, Carlos Di Rapide, Terragonne, Barcelona, Biennes, San Feliou De Guixols & Ampure Breve (Spain); - Port Vendres, Cenet de Roubillon, Leucete, Agde, Sete, Grande Le Motte, Cerro, Marseilles, Toulon, Porquerolles, Cavaleire & Port Grimaud (France).  "PM" has her story told by Capt. Beebe and makes the cover of his new book, "Voyaging Under Power".  "PM's" cruising companion for six weeks was Bob Sutton's "Mona Mona" of California.  ""Passagemaker" has been our summer home for the last seven years and 20,000 miles of wonderful cruising."


Mon., June 9th: Curt in Pisa.  June 16th: Curt and Marion left Roger on the island of Elba, and set off for a trip to Rome.


1976:  The last sailing trip of "Passagemaker" in Europe. 

Roger and Marion flew to Brussels on June 21st, and picked up a new car (Fiat).  They drove to Port Grimaud and spent June 30-July 8 aboard PM.  They then flew to Cork, Ireland to visit with Charlie and Barbara Bartlett.  They spent July 16-Aug. 16th aboard PM.  Dave joined them for a couple of days in Port Grimaud after he finished his Dartmouth summer semester in Blois in late August.  They then motored back to Brussels, made arrangements for shipping the car back to the U.S., and flew home Sept. 9th.  Passagemaker was "put on the market".  Roger made an agreement with a Capt. Steger to sail PM to the Canary Islands.  Capt. Beebe then came to the Canary Islands in November, 1976 to take PM back to the U.S.  


CICK HERE for Bill of Sale from Beebe to Bury dated 21st September 1964