Here we hope to gradually build a record of all Passagemaker's voyages complete with names of crews, observations on the voyage etc. But we need tour help so please drop us a line at with any details you might have no matter how vague.

Year Month Activity Crew Photo
1963   Launching at John Thorneycroft's shipyard in Singapore    
1977   Crossed the Atlantic to US Hugh Beebe, Robert Beebe's nephew  
1990   BVI in the Caribbean    
1991 October Cumana, Venezuela    
2004   On hard at Chagaramas in Trinidad  
2008  October Bought by Peter Quentrall-Thomas    
2009 All year Chagaramas at anchor being fitted out for next trip    
2010 Jan-Dec Circumnavigation of Caribbean Peter Quentrall-Thomas Captain and Louise Visagie 1st Mate Click here for more details


And here are some delightful photos that Dennis & Mary Umstot of TEKA III forwarded. They belonged to the Beebes and were given to Jim Leishman, who gave them to Dennis for possible use in the new Voyaging Under Power edition. If anyone can put dates, locations, crew names etc to them I'd love you to write to us

 Somewhere in Europe?   Passagemaker with poles out   Passagemaker with sails  
 Possibly HI?  Somewhere in the Seattle or BC area with the large tides and wet weather.