Would You Like to Be Part of History?
This is a unique opportunity to be part of a pioneering voyage aboard this historic boat.
Passagemaker, designed and build by the legendary US Capt. Robert Beebe, was the inspiration behind every ocean going motor yacht built since the 1950s. Weighing over 30 tons and made of beautiful Burmese teak she was built in Singapore in 1963 and is incredibly seaworthy having crossed the Atlantic five times, navigated Norweigian Fiords, explored the islands of the Pacific but she has never rounded Cape Horn.

But that is about to change. Passagemaker will embark on a three year voyage exploring the great rivers of South America as she circumnavigates this great continent.

Imagine sailing on Passagemaker as she explores the Orinoco, the Essequibo, the Demerara, the Amazon, and the Rio Plate.  
You will have two single berths available in your own cabin. You have your own shower and toilet. There is shelves of  wonderful books. See pictures below. You have 110 volt AC power in your cabin for charging electronics, camera batteries etc. A satellite phone is available for US1/minute

The captain and owner Peter Quentrall-Thomas and the First Mate Louise Visagie have just circumnavigated the Caribbean visiting 20 countries and covering over 7,000 miles.   More details

Peter is a 65 year old retired civil engineer and entrepreneur who can fix anything.
Born in England he has spent the last 35 years in Trinidad & Tobago running various businesses. He was also President of the Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Point Lisas, one of the largest petrochemical complexes in the Americas.
Louise is 35 year old scientist with a master degree in Zoology who can cook anything!! Fed up with office politics and academia, she sailed from Cape Town with a friend to the Caribbean to seek her fortune. Fresh from an open cast diamond mine reclamation project in South Africa she is full or stories and excellent company.
The fee of US$350 per night per person includes all your meals and drinks except "expensive" beverages which are extra. Feel free to bring your own. Included is ground transport provided the airport is no more than one hour by taxi from Passagemaker's location. Airfares, visas, hotels and all other expenses are not included.

Charter conditions

e-mail us info@passagemaker.org